The company I work for is doing something that I have never had another company do. They are asking each and every employee to pool their thoughts together and give ideas and inputs on how to make it an even better place to be. These idea sessions were scheduled so 1/4 of the company went at 4 different times slots, for 3 hours sessions. The folks were chosen by selecting people from different areas so that we would meet and speak with people who work the same place we do, but we never really have time to sit and chat with them.

I found this amazing in many ways.

First the owner talked with each group before they officially started, and the senior management was there in the very beginning to greet us as we came in. Do you know how very neat it is to have the owner state he could not do it without each of us, and we are important to him!

Light refreshments were available and it was set up with 4 person tables, each with 5 main questions we were to give our input on and someone for each of the 5 questions at each table was the scribe.

After each question we all changed tables. Rules were not to sit at a table with a co-worker. Every single thought and idea was written on paper provided for each table, and turned in at the end for the organizer of this and for Senior management to hear the results. I found this an incredible journey, an opportunity for each of us to have a voice, and to know that management cared about what we each thought.

There will be teams made up of volunteers and each team will take on one of those 5 questions to see if there are common threads , things tangible to reach and maybe iron out some things to make is an even more incredible place to be. Who knows what is written, and who knows what is going to be possible to accomplish… but it is neat to work in a place where upper management wanted to hear from everyone….. and not just want the employees to only hear the senior staff… ( as was the case at previous employers) .

Everyone has something to contribute… what a novel idea. The whole thing has brought a covering of peace over me, contentment… so with that… I am going to go to bed now… Peace to all, love to you, Mrs Justa.Cindy