Okay, sometimes something stands out above the rest. Zooms right to the top of my mind. And tonight it was no exception. I have no choice but stand at the podium for a moment or two….

I had gone to Wal-Mart on my way home to pick up a box of Wheaties ( “the breakfast of Champions”) and a 12 inch turkey/black forest ham sub on wheat from Subway to share with Mark for dinner. ( Ummm.. is that good and only 310 calories!)

I am scooting in and out as quickly as an old lady like me can scoot and on my way out I am following a Currier and Ives type moment- yes…At first- for a quick moment – for a very quick moment- I had a warm cozy feeling- like a Hallmark moment-a grandkids with their grandmother type  moment.She had a cart,it looked like maybe they did some special Easter shopping…. there were two children- one looked to be around 3 in the cart and the other maybe around 6.  I was smiling at the site…. Than BOOM I was stopped in my tracks by this woman’s rather stern loud voice.  She opened her mouth- she said to these 2 adorable children “ Where the Hell did grandma park her car?” “ Do you see my Damn Car?”

Well that threw me into a a tailspin into my memories of being young , like these 2 children. If I ever heard my mom say Damn or Hell- it was out of the ordinary,it meant we had pushed ALLLL her buttons….  she was pretty angry about something and we had better click our heels and start doing something to please her.

This lady did not stop there.. oh no.. she found it necessary to ask the one walking why she was “dragging her dam_ feet. “ and “What the H_ _ l is wrong with you"?”  They got close to the car and out comes a person who appears to be maybe the mom- the grandmother said to the mother appearing woman “ Put her in the fu_ _ _ ng car while I put this S_ _ t in the back!”  

No “honey’s’ or “sweethearts” coming from this ladies mouth. And the amazing thing is this did not phase the kids….

Now this really was beyond annoying to me—first of all, what are these people thinking.. and why do they feel the need to add this language to every one of  their sentences? I have found that the English language works very well on it’s own without these curse words thrown in.  Swearing is not part of the common language, and if we bring our kids up to think it is.. well do not be surprised when the teacher is calling you because little Mary asked the teacher “Why the “H- – l do we have to do this homework?”  “ Or  “I hate going to D_ _ m gym class” 

What will they say at a job interview and think it is okay?

The English language can be spoken with beautiful adjectives, ones that a child can hear and not think that is is okay to swear. Words can be almost poetic, creating pictures in your mind…

That grandmother was setting an example – and probably her daughter grew up hearing the same talk, because she had all the explicative’s down just like Granny did. Ohhh, it frosted my butt… grrrr. enough to have the spot light on my post for tonight. Folks remember.. we are always setting examples for our kids. They look up to us… they learn from us… Just ask yourself.. what do you want your kids to imitate of you??

And whatever you do not want them to do, well it is time to stop … because they admire you, they want to be like you… just like these little girls looked up to their grandmother and mom… Love to all… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy