Okay, I was going to post on this really disturbing article

Bizarre Ways to Beat Stress and Unwind // Woman receiving a snake massage (© Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

I read on SNAKE therapy. So folks I guess like snakes slithering over them as massage therapy. Count me out on that one ! Someone comes towards me with a cage of snakes- they better look quick, cuz I will be doing a Road Runner- Beep Beep take off that would make an Olympic Athlete proud!. I mean I would be outta there, probably so fast the skin would come flying off the snakes…

You gotta be nuts to do this… ( photo from MSNBC news site)

But instead I have to share my gym experience today. Hoping that if this woman is hopping around sites, maybe she will read it! Ahhhh she really annoyed me, pissed me off, made me angry.

But I will get over it.

There are 4 bikes with TVs on them- many others without TVs on them. There was this one woman who was deeply tanned- ( leathery looking tanned) , with her Sunday paper, her purse and her coat, her cell phone , and an ear piece plugged into the TV . I almost fell on my butt the first time I walked by her- she was on the end bike.

She had part of the unread portion of the paper behind here- balancing on the drink holder. She had 1 section on the read outs blocking the information, each time she finished a section of the paper- she flung it on the ground, in no particular form- just strewed however it landed, her coat was tossed on the floor, and her purse was on the floor( It was the size of a small travel overnight bag) open and spread apart. Kinda reminded me of the floor of the den as someone is sipping their coffee and reading the Sunday Paper… but news flash— this is the gym LADY! This went on for a good 25 minutes before a bike opened up, and for an additional 25 minutes as I was biking. She thought so much of herself, it was really getting to me. Than she starts talking on the phone !. Once she finished biking- she continued to converse on the phone as she strolled over to one cleaning station ( furthest away from her)- talking on her phone as she got the spray- now what you are supposed to do is spray your paper towel and wipe the machine off with that.

Her- noooooooooooooo- she strolled back- on the phone – with the spray bottle- and sprayed the bike- than back to return the spray bottle, than to another station to get the paper towel, than to another area to throw the towel out- still on the phone. Finally she returned to the bike to gather up the pieces of paper all over the place and finally get out of there. Ahhh- she drove me nuts. I know I should not let things like this bother me… but her conceit, her arrogance, her  presumption that people were getting a bonus for her being there. AHHHHHHHHHHH the good thing- she made me pedal faster.

Okay. I feel better now… uggg…. Have a wonderful evening. Love Mrs jsuta… alias Cindy