Things remind me of things I have done. Does that happen to you? And sometimes the way the thing that triggers a memory is like a chain reaction- by the time it stops the spinning roulette wheel of the trillions of memories spinning in the vast space in my memory bank, well sometimes I forget what got me going to this memory.

Like this one… today I saw a fire truck speeding down a side street on my way to work, that triggered a thought “ I wonder if it is a fire?” and than I thought “maybe water in the basement,” than it led to “gee I wonder if there are kids in the house” and that turned into a quick ride through the vortex of my mind, back to 1967 . It was early one very cold winter morning, I mean early- like maybe 5:30 AM and the temp below zero cold. I had had a sore throat and could not speak very well and I was home with my younger sisters- ages 6 and 4 and one of my younger brothers age 8.

My mom was out driving my other younger brother on his morning paper route. It took her about an hour or so to make the trip.

Now I need to add – we lived in a split level home- 5 levels, split up by maybe 8 steps between levels. The second level had the laundry area- which butted up to an outside wall. I heard something weird, and peeked thru the railing down to the second level and noticed a spray and steam in this second level up. Well me- the scardie  cat that I was, sent my 8 year old brother down to check it out real quick. Telling him he was “the man of the house” .
He came back and reported to me that there was water everywhere, and it was climbing up towards the stairs of the second level.

So here I am in panic mode- visualizing that the lowest level ( the basement) of the house was totally flooded and the second level was about to flood- so I called the fire department, the police and the water department ( they did not answer) I can remember frantically telling the dispatchers that I was home with small children and we were in a house that was flooding , we needed help right away.

So naturally the fire department and police came to my rescue. Now remember my mom was to be gone maybe an hr or so. So these guys come flying in with pumps and hoses to pump out the 6 or 8 feet of water…and I have all the kids gathered around me to protect them, we are trembling, whimpering, and glad the heroes are there… and my mom comes down the street only to see all these rescue vehicles in front of her house, men running in…

So she comes as close as she can get to the house, and she and my brother come running in too…I am feeling scared yet proud- I save us and the house….than silence and the fireman said it was only a burst water pipe…. one that had maybe just sprung the leak… the basement was dry… and the mist- well it was hot water that was spraying.

Maybe—maybe there was a millimeter of water on the floor of the second level.

Boy was I embarrassed, and did I get in trouble for not going down and checking myself. Naturally I than got mad at my 8 yr old brother for giving me an inaccurate report…. and I also had to write an apology letter to the police and the fire department.. because all those “nice men” had to leave their “warm homes” and families to come over for NOTHING…. and “what about someone with a real emergency… “ My mom never understood at the time I thought I was making a really good responsible decision…hmmm how often do our kids do stuff that in their eyes they were doing the right thing and we just can’t see why they would do it. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. Cindy