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A cute short story today. I was at the gym tonight and I was winding down. In the area of the stairs leading to the locker rooms is a scale- kinda like this one. As I was approaching the stairs I stopped , leaned against the rail and slugged some of my water down as I watched this lady at the scale. She would step on it and quickly step off. She did this for maybe 5 or 6 times. After work the gym is pretty crowded, not so much that there are no machines, but crowded enough that there is constant movement.

It was weird watching her, it kinda looked like she was not sure what to do and looking for instructions, but to save face, she popped off it to get what seemed like the courage to figure it out.

I was not the only person watching her, because a guy came up to her and gently asked if she needed help figuring out how to use it.

She looked up at him, smiled a weak smile and said… “No, I am trying to weigh myself and not have anyone see my weight… so thanks but if you don’t mind would you keep walking down the stairs.”

I laughed to myself, it really was funny… and brought to mind.. why doesn’t she just get a bathroom scale and wait to weigh till she is home… in her bathroom,,, alone…


I found this photo on google images- it is from “getty images” so thanks to both.. love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy