I heard a song on the radio about Highway 20.100_4300 It brought back memories of when Mark was driving the truck before he got hurt. The song was about a truck driver and thinking about how he could not wait to get home again. I remember the years and years we went through that. It was tough on everyone really. Tough on Mark because he hated leaving. He hated Sunday afternoons as we got everything together for another week away from home. Some of the time he drove he was with companies that though once every 2 weeks was good enough to be home.

It was tough on the kids, because they never really had a lot of time with him. He would come home Saturday mornings, dragging his butt and needing a hot shower and nap in his own bed. He would have busted his butt to get home as soon as possible, and that last run could be grueling to do that. He would try not to sleep too much, as he wanted to be on our schedule. We would try to cram special times in Saturday afternoons and Sundays. He preferred to leave Monday morning , but there were many weeks when the load needed to be hauled out Sunday afternoon or night.

I would try to adjust to having him home so things would be as normal as possible, but that too was tough. From Monday thru Saturday I had to be able to live without him around. When the kids were younger, it might mean that I would go to Rochester and pick up Adrianne on a Friday night because Mark was not going to be home till Saturday. No matter what Jeff needed for school, to get him to extra curricular activities, it was me who had to make sure everything was planned. If he was ill, I would need to make sure he got picked up and was safe. I needed to be able to take control of any situation we ran across. So yes it was tough for me too.

But each time he got ready to go, we would support him try to make him feel okay about going, and I never once told him I did not want him to go. That would have been unfair, as it was a situation he had no control over. I look back and think about the 16+ years we went though this every week. I did have lots of “me” time as the years progressed and Jeff had his license and a job and college. The “me” time is null now, so it was an 360 degree change .

It was a 360 degree change for Mark too, as he had “me” time in the truck from the time he left till the time he returned.., although he still has quite a bit of “me” time while I am away at work. But it is totally different. His time in the truck, he was headed somewhere, he was on a mission.

Today , a truck went by us as we were heading home from Jeff and Amanda’s and it brought me back to the weeks worth of groceries neatly packed for him to take, and the fresh folded laundry packaged in his bags, and the goodbyes, the “I Love Yous” and the feelings of emptiness as we drove off in two different directions… not knowing what the week would bring… just knowing what ever it did bring, it would be different for each of us…

It is not easy living in a truckers family- not for anyone..and I salute the folks who go out there, week after week- to keep America going. Thanks guys and gals… Love, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy