Did you ever wish you knew the answers to life’s problems? To life’s situations? To what is ahead?

100_4173 To be able to stand tall as a tree in the center of high ground and to be able to see all there is to see.

It seems there are quandaries every day that we face. Mark and I want to make sure whatever we do , every single thing we do, is making us a secure future. Money is not easy to come by and trying to be frugal with it and wanting to make sure we put what ever we can away… but wondering if we are putting it in the right place. We want to be able to know there will be some left for our kids and their kids…

Life has deflated me many times. Many times I was climbing a ladder to somewhere, and the rungs all disappeared, leaving me on the ground looking up at an immense sky and wondering which step to take next.

Some people I know started a job in their late teens early twenties, were married young and stayed married, and live in the same home, and have set aside money for their future for years.

Well we were not that blessed to do that. If I personally was to count the times everything I was striving for was kicked out from under me, it would probably send me into a whirlwind of depression.. so i won’t go there. I will however state that for 8 years I have been at the same job, and have slowly climbed up a few rungs on the ladder towards our future… but we do not have tens of thousands in savings, or tens of thousands in retirement… and we know we are going to need social security and wonder if it will even be around in another 15 yrs… Yes I wish I was this tree on this hill, overlooking miles and miles of future… to be able to know what to do for today and tomorrow.

Will the stock market be okay? will our banks stay in business. Will our house hold up the next 30 or so years? Will my place of employment survive President Blah Blahs reign? Will our country survive the way it is headed?  Will Indi be okay? Will Mark ever regain his strength in that leg of his ? Will I achieve all I have set out to achieve? Will our families be okay? Ponder, quandaries, ponder, quandaries… and life goes on…Love to all, Mrs Justa alias the pondering Cindy