Can not really tell you why, can not analyze my love for wind mills, but I have a fondness for them, a Don Quixoti syndrome. Wasn’t Don the one who chased wind mills?

I love the way they look in the distance, love the way they look up close, like the whispering of the wind as it flows through the blades of the windmill.

Jeff knew for many years how I loved windmills, and for “Mommies Day” one year he surprised  me with wind mill of my own. It is a wooden one and we store it in the shed each winter. it had a rough summer last year… toppled over 2 times, blades shattered, but I put it back together with metal brackets and wood glue, and Gods help. These blades were pretty smashed!.

They remind me of things to come, the things we do not know about yet, but things that will bring memories.
They remind me of freedom, the freedom I feel on a bike with the wind blowing through my hair and my legs stuck out straight, as

the wind and a decline give me speed without pedaling…

They remind me of the free things in life, the wind is free, sometimes it costs us a pretty penny after it comes and puts on a free show… also of peace, … for the windmill is calming to me. 

We live in an area that seems to have quite a bit of wind, and I had thought how neat it would be to have one or two or the electric producing ones… but man oh man- one of those suckers toppled a few months ago, and the cost of repairing it was more then I will make in 20 years… so for now… and forever, I will chase other peoples windmills. I love the old ones that are still standing, yet missing a blade….I guess because they remind me of an old wise person. Proud, tall and having had experienced years of events… and probably not sharing much of that wisdom… as the younger people do not always want to hear what an older person has to say… yes, I love windmills….. may you have a whispering peaceful moment this weekend… Until tomorrow… I am signing off… Mrs Justa.. aliasCindy

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