Thank you  How simple a thought, to say Thank you to someone for something they did . Yet, today I was looking for a couple of Thank You Cards at a local store, and there were so few that I actually went around the card aisle 4 times looking for them .

Lots of Birthday cards, and I was amazed at the increase in support cards, and thinking of you cards. But you needed a map to direct you to the Thank You cards.

There were even more get well and sympathy cards, fewer wedding and lots of Easter cards, but few Thank you.

What is happening to our world ? A world where thanks is now a second or third thought on our list of ways to express ourselves, it should be TOP! And tell me why on earth do we need 2 aisles of birthday cards? Maybe because we a expecting the world to acknowledge us.

I don’t understand… I just don’t.

A simple  Thank you is free , it costs you nothing to thank another person, and yet it is worth more than money can buy… yet this card aisle really pointed out to me the lack that card companies feel THANKS is significant…

So at this moment I would like to say Thank you to you,

for stopping by, for caring, for being unique, for sharing a moment of your life peeking into mine… My love to all….Mrs Justa