The sun has set on a new day, and I  survived the dreaded presentation. There are 14 people in the management class who all did their presentations, the fifteenth person was given a reprieve till the next managers class presentations. What impressed me more than how great everyone did was that the entire senior staff of the company came and observed all our presentations, shared lunch time with us and even came back through the afternoon and supported the remaining people as they did their various projects.

Talk about support from the Senior Staff. We have 3 vice presidents, the CEO and CFO and owner of the company, we had the company lawyer and the Director of Claims and Customer Service there. That to me speaks volumes about how administration supports the people of the company.

My power point went well , I believe but I gotta tell you about my “blond moment” ( it was embarrassing !!) Here I am, I have my power point on this screen that is probably 12 feet by 20 feet, I have this remote- it looked like this… and we were instructed to just click the right arrow and it would advance to the next slide. Vaa Vaa Ving… Vaa Vaa Vroom… At the podium we also had a wireless mouse, which we used to click on the “file” and “Open” to get to our own power point.

So I have my title slide up, my handouts distributed and felt in control.

I click the right arrow, and perfect- goes to the next slide. There were 7 bullet points, I was down to the fifth bullet point and all of the sudden it jumped to the next slide.. I was puzzled… my hand was above the remote but not touching it… so I pressed the left arrow to go backwards, it went back than zoomed 2 slides ahead. People are trying to advise me,  and I am pushing the remote 2 feet from me, I think I said something about I must have some pretty heavy duty magnetic forces… Everyone laughed. I did get it back to the first slide and than realized it was the sleeve of my blazer hitting the dang wireless mouse.

So everyone knows I am a little ditzy now.. but I think it went well… and I am glad it is over. The owner thought I was pretty funny as I am thinking the remote was possessed, I think my facial expressions probably were amusing. All in all everyone did great, and I think to the upper management we became 3D- like we popped out of the picture and have a personality, created memories, and impressions. It was a nice day… and I am going to drift off to sleep, without worry tonight.. Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy