Tomorrow is a presentation day. Yes , I am not really looking forward to it.  I have been given the opportunity with 14 other people to take a management training program at work. It is a 6 full day program, one day each month. I personally have never taken a management course like this in my life, so it had theories and processes all new to me. Things like GAP analysis and a 6 step process. They both are similar- they make the manager look at a problem, dissect the problem and analyze what other people are needed to help to resolve the problem and what all the steps are to try to come to a solution.

Our presentation is to apply these various theories to something we feel could benefit the company. It was difficult to find something and to identify how to get from point A to Z. But I chose a project and have been working on it –on and off for weeks.

And tomorrow is the BIG day. We have to present it to the executive planning board. My time slot is at 1:00… right after lunch… so maybe people will be complacent with their freshly filled tummies.

It is not really a grade we get, it is more just an expectation we take this seriously and have a measurable way to assess the outcome.

I personally have enjoyed the class, but will be glad when I am through with it, because it has been a difficult class.

I need to figure out what I am going to wear for tomorrow,100_3559 and to try to stay calm over the whole thing. Think about sunsets and breezes… I am a weird character really, I can belt out a song in a bar with total strangers, or do a solo in church with 130+ people I know of somewhat.. but I get a little jittery before I get up to do my performance. All of the sudden I can feel like my saliva transform to lint or cotton…, and I can’t swallow for a moment or two. I will sit there and try to encourage my mouth to find the clogged ducts and moisten up a bit… and than when the second hits, and I am standing there- with 260 eyes on me… poof.. it comes out just fine, and once I am through I am so glad I did not give into the mouth full of dryness.

I am sure that will happen tomorrow too.. I will have my water at my side, and try to remember to talk slow— ( have you ever had to talk in front of a group and all of the sudden you have super powers to say 150 words in 2 seconds flat ?)  ..( I have)  … I do not want to talk too slow- that can be condescending…yet not too fast—that is down right annoying.

So off I go tonight, with my anticipation of tomorrow. Think of me about 1PM tomorrow…. maybe take a slug of water as a gesture of solidarity. I am ready for it, as ready as I can be… and I know it will be fine… it is just the anticipation….. My love to all… Mrs Justa and anticipating Weds will come ….  images from Google images