At work we have a couple of lunchrooms where we can go at lunch time or to grab a quick coffee, tea, soda or snack. It is very nice in both and the one upstairs ( the upper cafe) has always had one microwave oven in it. It is on a second shelf and below it is usually a basket with plastic ware and napkins.

Well a few weeks ago, the company bought a second microwave oven, so now instead of the lower counter having the plastic ware and napkins there- now is a micro wave oven.

I am a creature of habit and seem to always use the top shelf oven. As my meal is cooking the 4-6 minutes, I scoot over to the huge window that overlooks the busy street below. Being on the second floor, I actually can see inside people’s cars and trucks as they go by.

A lot is said about the person by how their car looks. Some people have mounds of papers on their dashboards. I find that curious, what is so important about all the papers that they have stuffed in the windshield dashboard area? And doesn’t that drive them nuts? what happens when the window is open? How can they defrost their windshield? How long did it take to stuff all those papers in? Here I am thinking about each person and their life, as the cars zoom by, no one knowing that I am looking into their lives for a moment.

This one day I was mesmerized with all these thoughts as people drove by , flashes of lives of neat freaks, chaotic lives, business folks, older people, young bass booming folks, – I turned as my microwave oven beeped, calling me to come over. I came back into my own world. I go and open the oven and nothing it is there, just a few splats on the back of the oven. My heart felt like it sunk, I was bumming… how could the microwave oven disintegrate my food. It felt like minutes I was staring in there at these splats, in disbelief that my weight watchers meal has become 2 orange dots… than I heard a chuckle from a gal who works for me… she said … Cindy.. check the bottom oven. We still are laughing about it, I was embarrassed at the whole thing and that for a moment I felt my lunch had disappeared.

it really was funny… and now every time I go up there, if she is in the cafe… she smirks… we giggle… I feel embarrassed again… and laugh at myself over even thinking the oven ate my lunch!.

Have a happy day… love to all… Mrs justa alias… Cindy

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