I got this off of google images from rantasaurusrex.com. I had to laugh my butt off because Mark and I just got back from the first of 2 defensive driving classes. We go to keep our insurance premiums a little less. I think in NYS you get a 10% discount on the auto insurance. It is once every 3 years and this is the third year. It is kinda interesting to renew all the rules in my mind, but in a way it can get a little boring when it is all being read to us out of our booklet.

Our “assignment” tonight was to pay attention on the way home to things we see that are not good driving practices.

Well we only left the building and were ready to turn left onto the main drag, and some flunky ran the red light. It just got better as we kept on going. Some dude walking in the middle of the road, a person who just sat for a light and did not claim the intersection, people driving fast, and some slow, one person who just had to be first. it was interesting !.

I had to smile at some of the comments in the class, there were a few people who were against the rights of the cops.. they think the police men should follow the same rules as others, … hands free cell phone devices, and no working on the lap tops while driving. others were going on about not letting “old people” drive without them taking a driving test. Some talked about how they think we need more 3 lanes highways, and others spoke of the stricter teen driving laws being an okay thing. We had 3 in the class that were just learning to drive, one chick insists she can text her cell while driving, because she knows where all the keys on the keyboard. >> Well that is nice,, but to text one has to read the incoming messages too.

Tomorrow is day 2. It is another 3 hrs, but worth every penny of it. I hope you have a great evening and day.. and until later.. good night.. I am off to night night time… Cindy