Today is my baby boys birthday. It is a very special day to me, because he has filled my life with more than I ever could have imagined. From the second he was born, he was determined to make the best out of life, and he has done just that.

We went out tonight to Olive Garden with him, his wife Amanda , his beautiful little boy , Brandon and and his best friend Gary  . It was a nice dinner and we all left filled from the food and the company.

I was bumming though, cuz as soon as we got there I scooted in and asked them to sing Happy Birthday to both Amanda and Jeff ( Amanda’s Birthday was a couple days ago), but they messed up that request. Mark and I were trying to see if we could see the signs of the staff getting ready to bring out a cake and surprise them, but it never happened.

Brandon was awesome, really he was. By 5:30 at night he has lived a full day, and he gets tired by 6:30, he played with my keys, with his toys and tried to color some, he watched people and even got to play with Gary’s cell phone for a little bit.

It was a totally enjoyable evening. We had to head to B ville to get something from the drug store before they closed, so we headed that way and the kids headed back to their place.

As I was sitting there I was trying to capture 28 years of being a mom. How hard it is to picture that amount of time. It seemed like only yesterday he was being carried around at bed time and he would hold onto his Snoopy dog as we checked every bedroom to tell each bedroom goodnight. Than I would rock him and read him stories. He loved a book called “Let’s Go Trucks” He would make vroom vroom noises and beep beep noises as we turned each page.

I loved the tiny arms that would hug my neck good night, and those wet sloppy kisses that a 1 year old gives. I loved watching him sleep, curled up in his crib, nestled for the night as it brought him peace and comfort.

I can almost smell the smell of a fresh bathed baby and Johnsons baby shampoo as he would lean against my chest as I rocked him and read. Those memories and so many more were flying through my mind as we sat there, their  1 1/2 yr old son sitting right next to me, it brought me back. And I am grateful for these years, grateful for the blessings God has given me , and hoping that he has found as much joy from me, as I from him.

Happy Birthday Jeffrey… and thank you for being you. Love always, Mom… Mrs Justa… and alias Cindy