Things are slowly getting back to normal in the house. I would say Indi is about 85% better than Friday before his little excursion at the emergency vet.

It is amazing how this pancreatitis really kicked his ever luvin butt.

I tried tonight to see if he could go without pain meds, but he let out a yelp that indicated maybe tomorrow will be better.

They only gave us pain meds for 5 days, and so they suggested the first 2 days to give it to him, he is not ready to be without the pain pills.

Getting his meds together for morning and night is like working on the hospital floor. I have everything written with times and than I “x” it to show I gave it to him at the correct time. I hope he continues to improve.

100_4814 Other than that, we had a really fun time last evening watching Brandon running around his house and showing he is more independent and also showing he knows more right from wrong and wants to try to see what happens if he goes down the path of doing stuff wrong. Jeff and Amanda are really good with him, but he definitely is practicing for  the two year old stages of testing his limits. By the time he is two, he will have this down to a science!

Ya can not help but laugh at some of the things he tries to do, he will do it and look over his shoulder to see if you are going to react. We would not let him see us chuckling, we did it internally, but he is a cute little fella… and showing so much interest in anything with buttons or switches.He has an engineer type ability and thought process where you can almost tell what he is thinking as he is trying to make things work.

I just love being a grandparent. People told me we would, but until we were one, it was hard to understand just all that people meant. Mark and I were talking about how every single time we see him, he has changed. And wow, with Mackenzie not being right here, there is significant changes each time we see her. I hope we can be the grandparents I wished I had had growing up. I never had a grandfather, and only one grandmother.. she died when I was 4. So I am hoping we can be more to our grandkids than what life presented to me growing up.

We will just have to see…. Love to all, Mrs Justa