First, thanks to everyone for any prayers coming Indi’s way. We were able to bring him home this afternoon, he is better than yesterday morning, but not himself yet. He will eat if you literally hand him each piece of food, and only about 1/3 of what he normally eats. He is on a special canned food for the next 3 days and we need to call his vet on Monday to see if we get get some high fiber food for him. Hills W/D is the name. We are relieved to have him here again, but concerned because he is not over it yet. It takes time.

Now comes an eye opening moment. Have you ever gone to Taco Bell? I am sure most have. Well we had gone down to my work for a few hours and than went to the hospital to visit Indi and see how he was. They stated they could keep him over night if we felt more comfortable with that, but they thought he could go home. So we gave them an hour to get his IV out, discharge paper work ready and meds. We thought a salad from Taco Bell would be a healthy choice. We have gotten more in the habit of asking for a places nutritional breakdowns of their food, that way we know exactly what we had.

Well let me tell you… ask for the nutritional info BEFORE you order. Mark had finished his chicken Taco salad and I was a little more than 1/2 way thru mine, . he asked if they had info on their foods. They gave us a very informative brochure . The taco salad is 960 calories!!! The shell bowl is 360 of those calories! 22 grams of fat in that shell.. Another 21 gr of fat in the salad.

So I threw out the rest of mine, and Mark is still in shock that he ate in a not so big salad, 1/2 a days worth of calories. Ya think you are doing good by getting their salad and instead you are eating the highest calorie item they have on their menu. What an eye-opener… You just never know. Love to all… Mrs Justa

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