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“ Is he out there?

Nope I do not see him…

maybe if I hide in this bin

he will come out and find me… “brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 141 … “Do I hear him in the

hallway… I think I do, …what is taking him so long?”

“I better go look”


“HMMMM maybe he is in the front yard.100_2630

I will just watch, I bet he comes around the corner really soon.

I want to romp around with him, pretend like we are fighting,

maybe just cuddle with him….

Where the heck is he?”100_2622 Imus does not understand that Indi is in the pet hospital. He is looking all over for his buddy.

Seems that Indi has pancreatitis. He was pretty blah acting, it started last night and got progressively more noticeable this morning. He did not eat his supper, he did not want to do his night time ritual of jumping on my lap after I am through with dinner and culling, he did not want to play ball.

Than this morning he got sick around 4AM, and when I let him outside on his lead he neglected to tell all the world he was there. And he just stood on the snow bank for at least 20 minutes, just standing there.I finally encouraged him to come in and he had to be coaxed to sit, and when I  tried to get him to lay down, he gingerly favored his left side.

So we called our vet… they opened at 7AM, but were sorry to say they close at noon, so they could only diagnose him, if he needed surgery, he would have to go to the emergency vet. 100_0783Soo I called the emergency vet in B ville.. well they were sorry but they close at 8Am.. so they could only diagnose, but not treat. They recommended the Syracuse 24/7 emergency vet hospital about 35 miles away. We had no choice, off we went. And now 1600.00 later, Indi is a patient and has IV meds, IV pain killers, a catheter. nurses watching him.  Now we are really hoping it does not go beyond 48 hrs for his stay, cuz the old $$$ figures will start piling up again. The house feels empty, and Imus is lost without his buddy, his brother. It is so weird how our pets become such a part of our lives. I am anxiously looking forward to his return… To having the two pals back reunited… our kids…..

An eerily quiet night in the Krusen Household… Love to all, Mrs Justa // alias Cindy