Okay, I have gotten over the fact that now I have this humungous blister on the back of my heel from my made in the USA sneaks. Yesterday it threw me into a loop, man or man, I have not had a blister in what seems like forever. Bu than I got to thinking, I would rather have Americans give me a blister instead of another county folk. At least I am keeping it in the American family!

Now if my memory serves me well, in the very long ago past , I did have a few heel blisters, and I think I gave the shoes a break for a few days and let my heel toughen up, so that is what I am doing.

I love my new sneaks, just not what they did to my foot. I kinda quit the treadmill at 30 minutes yesterday and did not do other exercises after I figured out the sucker had deflated. It was weird, I could feel it growing, thought it was going to push my foot out of my shoe.. and than it was like the air got let out. But one of those knee band aids and a different pair of shoes, and I was able to work today pain free, and actually got 30 minutes in on the treadmill and another 30 on machines.

I am in awe at some of the people who are there every night. There are some really old folks- ha ha not that I am young… there are some really really young people there too. But the inspiration I get seeing these people 10-  20 years older than me, walking the track, doing the nautilus machines, heck I saw one lady, she had to be late 60s jumping rope as she went around the walking track. That to me is amazing. I feel like they are in great shape, and they keep it up. If I tried that, the folks on the walking track would have a mound to step over! LOL

I wonder if they are retired, or if they still work. I hope I have that much vip and vinegar when I am 20 years older! The way the social security and Medicare finances are going, I will still be working… the lottery has not yet come through for us! ( pretty sad, that is our super enhanced retirement package… just 6 lucky numbers!)

People are cool to watch, they really are. I do not judge folks, just like to watch their mannerisms. I play these games in my mind, picturing their life. What were they like as children, what is it like for them now. Like “that one is/was a librarian” or “that one probably a CEO” or that one has sad eyes, or happy eyes. Sometimes I try to figure their names by how they carry themselves about. It is neat to watch what everyone wears. Heck there are a lot of different clothing items in the world. Not one person at the gym has the same type of clothes on most of the time. Although tonight, it was different… Syracuse Univ is number #1 in basketball and there were 6 people with the newest SU tee-shirt on while they were in their various areas. Yep, life is neat, it is easy to let it zoom right past you, so take some time and observe… you will be surprised at what you see. Enjoy.. and appreciate all of us, God’s children, –yes we are all different but the same. Cindy.. Mrs justa..