Well it is hard to believe, but I found a pair of sneaks MADE IN AMERICA!! They are “New Balance” they have flat soles instead of those rocker soles, and they were pretty comfortable. I was pretty proud of myself , made in the USA! I looked at Nike… made in Vietnam, that I looked at another 2 types, Made in China… Every shoe in Wal-Mart was made in China.

I felt like saluting the shoe display at the shoe store. I could hear the song God Bless America in my mind… … yes a  patriotic moment buying American.

We have to you know… we must start to stop giving into the foreign items and start placing a bigger demand on American products. We need to start a campaign of bringing industry back to America. You heard the Toyota dude when he told Congress the company was focusing on the bottom line and put safety on the back burner.

How many pets have been harmed by food that does not follow our standards?

How many babies with lead poisoning.

As I was shopping for sneaks I got to thinking about what the Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese production workers must think as they make things for Americans. Heck there are clothes big enough to cover my recliner with, shoes that you could walk on water with, all kinds of storage containers so we can pack away things we do not use. We are spoiled and want a good bargain, but we have made the good bargain at the cost of our jobs, at the cost of our communities.

Yes I have many things made overseas, I think we all do. And I drive a Nissan… my next car will be American. There are many things I do not think we can find American. But we need to look.. It really felt good. in some small way I helped a fellow American.

Love to all… and God Bless America. Love Cindy   Mrs Justa.