I do not know why… but these shoes sucked ! It was not that long ago I had bought a pair like these , and in fact when I bought them I had totally ignored the fact that they had these shock absorbers on them . But when I got them home, I was okay with the little things on the bottom, they were going to be my indoor gym shoes, work the treadmill and the bike, so I was cool with it. If they were for outdoors, they would have been horrible with snow, mud and whatever getting stuck in the shocker things.

Well I have had these Danskins for maybe 6 months. Of those 6 months they have been in the gym bag more than on my feet. An estimate of hours of use… maybe 40 hrs of use. And half of that has been in the last 2 weeks.

So you can imagine my dismay when this evening, as I was getting ready to go out on the treadmill, I realized the shock absorbers were not shocking any more. Nope the rubber material had turned to a power- disintegrated. I am P.O. ed!!

I still did the treadmill, but it was not comfortable with a flat tire.

So these babies are now sitting in the trash and I am off to find a replacement for them.

Now I went on the way home and did find a pair that fit me, but they were freaky. The soles are not flat, they are round. They felt great in the width and length, but when I went to walk, the heels rock backwards and the toes forwards. I grabbed the shopping cart really quick after the first step because I almost went backwards. I am sure the security camera watchers got a chuckle.

I had this vision of me toppling over in the gym. Now the gym is not as yuppie as I remember gyms being in the 70s, but I am sure that I would be the laughing moment in many memories of those who would witness me rocking too far backwards on the treadmill and falling on my butt.

Look at these things. I guess it is supposed to tone the gluts and thighs, but I am thinking it might bruise my gluts and thighs as my not so tiny body rocked a little too far either backwards or forwards. Not a pretty sight. 

So I am off with Markie , on a little venture to find something for me to wear that will not be a hazard to my health. Cuz these… well I am thinking if I had bought these, I would leave a lasting impression on many.. but not in a way I would want to be remembered. Advice to those looking for sneaks- stay away from the shock absorbers… what  disappointment… and good luck it you go for the “therashoe”… Love to all, Mrs Justa .. alias Cindy