As we were coming home tonight , in the blowing snow , over the drifted roads, Mark was talking about how neat it would be to have a car with heated seats. I had to laugh because I am not real fond of them.

There was this one cold winter evening when my boss had offered me a ride to meet up with Mark. She had a pretty neat car and I felt like I was riding pretty plush. We had gone down the road for maybe 7 miles and I was feeling a really weird sensation that was gradually becoming more disconcerting as the miles passed.  I was not sure what was wrong with me, but I hoped what ever it was , it stopped soon.

It felt like I had accidently sat in some sort of corrosive material. It was kinda scary and very internally embarrassing. I remember thinking to myself.. “Oh great, here you are in this nice car and there is something wrong with your butt.. “

As the minutes passed I started to try to levitate my butt of off the seat without her knowing I had any sort of a problem. Ya know.. kinda like the way you would have to hold your butt off a really skuzzy public toilet seat when you REALLY have to go.

So here I am, trying to separate my seat from the seat as she is barreling down the highway at 65-70 mph. My legs are not those of a weight lifter, so they were starting to tremble a little, and with any turn my knees started to feel like they were crunching ..oh yeah and the seat belt was fighting with me as I tried to get off the seat inconspicuously. It was so strange, and for a few minutes I thought about telling her I had something terrible wrong with my derriere….but I felt shy and embarrassed.Gees… she is my boss… and I felt awkward riding in this nice car…and here I am feeling like my entire seat is going to melt her seats. 

All of the sudden she said.. “if your seat gets too warm  , you can just turn it down with this adjuster”


Phew.. immediately I relaxed my trembling thighs, my knees slid back into their normal position and the seat belt stopped chomping on my shoulders,  my heart started to adjust to its normal rate as I realized it was a heated seat I was on.

So as Mark suggested heated seats my face lit up with a smile as my head shook from side to side. I was not impressed with the sensation… Just thought I would share this to anyone thinking about getting heated seats… and it you have heated seats, do you riders a favor and mention it to them right up front. Ha Ha.. did I feel silly.. Love to all, Cindy.. alias Mrs Justa… alias hot pants.