Wow the weekend is over… bing bang boom.. over.. it was a good weekend, As I stated a couple days ago we got to spend time with Brandon on Friday, we did a lot on Saturday and today, well it was kinda busy too.

This morning I had to solo in church. It was neat, the pastor was a guest pastor. He actual is an “outdoor” pastor, who spends a lot of time sharing the gospel with people at outdoor events. I am really glad he brought it indoors today! AS we had temps in the LOW 30s… a little too cold for me to be belting out a song. I am really bugged cuz I took a lot of notes


and must have left them on the pew when I got my coat on. it was a very good sermon.

Than off to the gym for a bit and than this evening we got to spend time with both our kids and their spouses and their kids.. alias our grandkids.

This is the second time that Jeff and Amanda, and Josh and Adrianne have gotten together since they both have had their kids. So here are the cousins sitting together. It was so cute to watch them.

We went over for a couple hours after they had had their supper and it was nice to see how well they all get along and seem to connect.

Mark and I had worked very hard to have the kids feel like they were brother and sister when they were young,we wanted them to have each other as they became adults. There were some years when they were each very much involved in their own lives but they really never lost the bond they made as children. It was nice to sit back and observe… proud of who our children have become, proud of who they knew were their soul mates and mesmerized by our grandkids.

So this weekend was a good one.. leading into what may be a very busy week… it got me ready to go forward !. My love to all… Proud mama Mrs justa… alias Cindy