Today is Saturday and there are things we always do on Saturday. First thing in the morning we go out to breakfast with our friends, every Saturday we do this. To regroup and see how we survived the last week and to hear about our kids , our grandkids, our life. Than we leave there and go our separate ways. I always have my grocery list and Mark and I go and shop at Save A Lot first—cuz if we can get it there we “SAVE-A-LOT” and what we can not find there we head off to Wal Mart. We head home usually and my Saturday routine starts with house cleaning and changing the towels, sheet and just getting everything tidied up before the next week starts. I do not have to vacuum cuz Mark does that during the week a few times, which is nice… .

Occasionally there may be time for a gym jaunt, not always. But lugging around the cleaning stuff, cleaning from top to bottom has a lot of reaching, twisting, bending and scooting to the next room. With winter here, ya never can tell if there is also shoveling, snow blowing or roof raking to do, and in the warmer weather—well there is weeding, mowing, gardening.

I have said before and still say it that I really love all these things. I am half way thru the cleaning time- I just have to sweep and wash the kitchen, hallway and 2 bathroom floors and I have a couple loads of laundry to do.

As I clean it is funny because I have these memories, images in my mind of places I have lived in the past and how whomever ran the house cleaned them . My mom bless her resting soul was a clutter type person. I can remember when we would go and visit her she would have piles of papers on the dining room table, and she would move them strategically so we could sit with her and have a cup of tea and her famous toll house cookies. She loved when people came over, and never once apologized for her stacks of papers, or dust, or clutter… nope she just strategically moved what she needed to and we had a nice visit. This was how she was comfortable, and she knew it was kinda messy, but it was who she was. She loved people, and her priorities were not always making sure everything was cleaned.

I grew up in that sort of cluttered lifestyle, and even though I do save things, I believe the house is neat. it is too easy to set things down and not put them away, so I  do try to always put things back where I got them from. Mark is a neat person too, so it makes the process pretty easy. It always feels great when I am through. Fresh smell of the house, hint of lemon from the dusting pray, and the fresh smell of laundry. I love the cleaning part… but I love the finished time too. So off I go to check ion the laundry, and sweep the floors and get them washed, check on the crock pot chicken soup… smells really good… and than we will chill and watch a movie.

Life is good in Fulton NY … I hope it is for you too… Love to all, Cindy… alias Mrs justa