Sunday I am singing in church. It has been months since I was able to sing, as I fought with bronchitis and sinus infections and than strep throat since Thanksgiving. So this past week and a half I have finally been able to carry the notes for an entire song. We have a guest pastor there this Sunday, so I really did not want to just go to church Sunday with my head down low , being sick again. I think I will be okay.

Now what I do to really work my voice is my car becomes my studio for practicing. Since I have about a 35 minute drive each away, it provides me a place to practice new songs, really screw them up and eventually get them to a point that I practice them at home.
It also gives me a time to sing songs I know, which is what I have been doing this week. Well there is this one song  “On My Knees” ( it is a song about praying !!) and it is a pretty dramatic song. Well today on my way in, I actually gave myself goose bumps when I sang it. I thought that to be weird. I try to feel each song I do, so that others can feel it too.. but this was a first.

I must look really funny to those scooting down the expressway next to me… sometimes I am really belting it out .. Hee Hee Hee

Singing makes me whole…

I practice both songs for church and songs that are country or 70’ adult pop contemporary. Love “You’ve Got A Friend” it is such a cool song. No matter where I am … just call and I will come running. How neat to have a friend like that.

I have a friend like that, a few of them actually. And I have never abused the knowledge that with one call of their name they would be here, but it is like that warm comforter on a cold winter night. I also love the song  “ Wind Beneath My Wings” that is another WOW song… “Did you ever know that you are my hero… “ Ahh, I love songs with meaning… I wish you all a peaceful night, and hope that not one song gets stuck in your head… but that many do. Like an invisible IPOD… Peace to all… Until later.. “You just call out my name… and you know wherever I am… “ LA LA LA.   Mrs justa… alias Cindy