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Inventions, can you imagine being around when there were big inventions?

Now we get inventions of that are not that incredible.

But imagine how it was when they discovered electricity. Really… from a time of candles, lanterns, oil burners… and all of the sudden light bulbs.

It was probably something money had to buy, something that the more wealthy would get first.

But the thrill of having electricity. I can imagine how envious people must have been of the people with electricity.

I have a very good friend who does not like to come out where we live just because there are not street lights out here. I wonder how she would have felt in the old days of no electricity. Kinda like having your first flush toilet… imagine that happy day at the persons house. Or your first refrigerator, first washing machine, first mattress…..…


When I was very young there was Black and white TV, but not color. I don’t remember watching TV till I was 5. TV was a luxury. TV was also something that did not always come in clearly, we had to have rabbit ears on it and jiggle them around to get the channel to come in clearer. Changing to a color TV was like a different world.

So we went from this                                                                          to this now                   

So tonight I am thinking about how thankful I am for people with a vision, people with imagination and determination to create something and accept failure along the way.

This was inspired after a morning of no computers at work and we wrote things as the computers were archiving. It made me think back to simpler times, ledgers hand written for doctor appointments, and cash registers that took money only

… no credit cards…. Life was simpler back than, and for a little while this morning we had a taste of a more manual life. Have a great evening…

Love to all, Mrs justa….