Dinner time.

.What does this mean to you? As Mark and I were having dinner tonight I began to think back to the years of yesterday. Growing up , dinner time was a time for the family to be together. When we were kids we either left for school or in the summertime we flew out the door in the morning and returned only for a quick lunch or to get a drink, get a “boo-boo” taken care of,  or go to the bathroom. Other than that we played with our friends. We all knew that around 5 each night, dinnertime was upon us. Some moms had cow bells- and they would open the door and ring this loud cow bell, the kids would run home. My house- we were not blessed with a cow bell- nope my mom would open the door and scream our names if she could not see us in the near vicinity.

We would scurry home, all wanting to be the first at the table, wash our hands and push to get to our spots at the table and we would all talk at once, sometimes being correct for talking while eating, but it kept us together, grounded. It was a special, it was comforting like cuddling on a parents lap.

As I grew into my teens, the dinner time was the last place many of my friends wanted to be, but I looked forward to it. I loved listening to the kids stories from the day and looking at the excitement in their eyes.

As I grew older there were times in my life when dinner was a quick grab something and run to the next venture. But I missed dinnertimes around the table. Once I was married, dinner time was once again a sacred time. No matter how late my husband got home from work, I simmered things and waited for his return, than we would sit down and have dinner together.

Becoming a single mom , after my divorce, dinnertime was alive and well for a few years, until I started nursing school and had to work evenings. Than dinner time on Monday thru Weds was not with me and my son, it was my son with his grandmother and aunt. Thursday nights though I refused to work, and Jeff and I had a special dinner time for us to review the whole weeks worth of papers from school and talk of things that had happened. Weekends we shared dinner time together.

Once out of nursing school, dinnertime once again became an everyday occasion. I looked forward to it, and I remember as Jeff got older the loss I felt when he was no longer at the table. When Mark was still driving, eating dinner alone at the table had a void, it was like going into a sad place every night, like calling hours feeling. Oh I know kids grow up, and I loved seeing Jeff grow up, but I missed dinnertime with him.

What is great though, is he and Amanda have dinners together, at the table, with Brandon. It is special to them too. And Mark and I share dinnertime, we have all kinds of conversations. I think the Josh and Adrianne also try to have dinner together.

It is a time to solidify the foundation of our crazy lives and to reconnect with those you love. For many it is a  time to quietly thank God for the blessings in their  life, for the food on the table, for those we care for and those who care for us.

Let the journey of life never stop you from sharing a little time each day around the dinner table with your family, with friends, with someone you care about. Not on TV trays around a TV, not laid on plates in the kitchen for people to pick their food when time seems best for their own life… no it is for time together. No phone disturbances, no reading, TVs off,

no texting others, just total focus on those around the table with you.

It will be the most regarding hour of your day… Love to all, Mrs. Justa….Cindy