Some people seem like they can not get a break.

Like this cartoon I got off of Google images…

I know a person who seems to always seems to get knocked down 2 pegs for every peg she climbs on the ladder of life. I am amazed that she can smile through the pain. We are very tough people, we are. When we look back at life’s hard bumps- we can probably all see a time or two- or 10 or 20 !! times when we have been kicked in the teeth and struggle to get back up.. stronger from what we have been through and looking back in the rear view mirror of my life… I know at least for me- I can see myself in the midst of the crisis- feeling like I was drowning in despair, maybe fear, heartache, troubles… than I can see myself as time starts to fill the gap between the lowest point and the time of feeling like the worse was over… but this person.. I do not see she has much time between blows!

Geesie- peegie- Georgie—as my Mom used to say… I admire her spirit, I pray her life will smooth out and she can feel room to breathe, and until that happens- well I pray she keeps the strength to fight the adversities.

For any of you suffering , I pray for your healing. And for this special person in my mind—I hope everyone takes time to pray for her.

God will know who I am referring to, just say a prayer for her..

Love to all, Mrs justa… alias Cindy