Some things are not as they seem… have you ever run into that? I am sure you have. I had a day that reminded me that nothing is as it seems. So than I began to think about this rather memorable time in my past, years ago… many years ago.

Let me set the stage for you. I was married to my first husband, we did not have much money at all. We lived on 106 acres in the southern tier, land he had purchased before he and I had gotten married, he had bought it for a pretty good price. We were living at a home he was building as the money allowed. He did all the construction, so if he could afford wall board , insulation or what ever, he bought what he could afford and we whittled thru the supplies.

We had tons of things to do on this house. I wanted to lose weight and I showed him a sauna suit. It looked like this .. I saw it on an info-mercial and was convinced with all the building I was helping on while he was at work, heck I could lose a ton of weight while I was doing joint compound, clearing up and organizing messes after working for an evening. I called the 800 number and ordered this suit.  it was one of those 9.95 deals and promises of miracles. 4  weeks ;later it came…the next day Walt took off for work and I chose to don this space looking suit. I was convinced that I was going to leave it on for the entire day and had images of me being thin and trim within a matter of days.

So here I was …. 2 hrs now in the suit… and feeling kinda warm to say the least. I was determined not to take it off. After a few more hrs I was feeling sweat running down my body – kinda gross feeling, but I was envisioning taking this suit off latter that day and having no flab. The day continued to create sweat, and I was beginning to feel desperate for a breeze in the sauna suit, just a little breeze.

So I got this ingenious idea to got to the air compressor and just stick the nozzle up the cuff of the pant leg. See the legs, sleeves, all are tight with elastic at the ends to keep your body heat in it.

Click.. I am feeling like I am going to faint from the sauna affect and looking forward to the air…

I crank on the compressor, 

finally the compressor clicked off.. charged up, I put

nozzle in the pant leg at my ankle… squeezed the nozzle… can I say


– … the air took the sweat beads and was blowing them around..


I briefly noticed for a quick 2 maybe 3 seconds that I looked like the Michelin man….

I remember thinking and feeling pretty darn proud of this idea..

and than…


my suit blew up

yep exploded- blew the seams out of the pants and the arm seams.

Some things are not as they seem

When Walt got home that night  he noticed I was acting weird… so I finally did share my adventure…

and we both just laughed… Some things are not as they seem… Be safe, Mrs Justa…