100_3452 As you look back over your life what testament can you make? What one thing could you stand up proudly and say about your life or a choice you made? If you were sitting on a bench and looking at this endless sky, reflecting on your life.. what could you say?

I ask this after being at the doctors office this week- ( I went to 4 different appnts this week- this was my Thurs morning eye appnt) I was sitting in the waiting room and there was a lady I think she may have been in her 70s in an area behind the waiting room.  The nurse was in her mid 20s. This sweet little lady was telling the nurse.. “ I never have owned a car .. not once in my whole life.” The nurse seemed amazed by this statement out of the clear blue. ( heck I was too !) Than this lady continued .. “ Nope never had a car, never owned one.. not one. I have taken a taxi though many times. It takes a  lot of taxi fees to equal the cost for a car each month. And with a taxi, I get left off right at the front door, it makes me feel like I am someone special when I get left right at the door. “

As I  sat there I drifted off into many thoughts. First the thought of never having a car, no worry of auto insurance, no maintenance fees, no loans, no paying for parking, heck if you really needed a car you could rent one, but if you lived in a place where public transportation and taxis filled your needs… wow .. how much money would have been saved in all these years of my life ?

Than I started to think about her comment of getting dropped off at the door. Damn… she is right!. In this area we live, I have seen often some people take taxis to Walmart and to the grocery stores, and as I am trudging thru the slush or the snow… I have to walk around the taxis leaving these people off right at the front door. She had a point there too. This lady did not say this out of self pity… no she said it out of pride.

So than I asked myself- what one thing can I say proudly of my whole adult life. Something I stuck too, something that never changed. I am embarrassed to say- I can not think of one thing. There are segments of my life when I have been able to say I stood for something, or proudly did something… but for my whole entire adult life…. nope-

And there she was, so innocently and proudly making that statement. I wanted to peak around the corner and see the look in her eyes as she spoke these words, for I only saw the back of her head. I wanted to see if she showed the pride in her eyes that I heard in her voice. A simple woman with a simple way to life.

God Bless her… God Bless you too. Love Mrs Justa.