God is not a puppet master who pulls our strings so we will do what He wants us to do. He loves us so much that He gave us free-will. this is from a web site ….http://www.turnbacktogod.com/

I went to this site today as I go back and forth through my mind of trying to balance the belief I have in God and the folks who want proof a God exists. I look out my window at all that can be seen… , I reflect on my life, I look at a baby, a flower, a bird, I listen to a voice sing a beautiful song, or a prophet speak of the wonders of life, I go back through pain and loss I have been through and when I felt I could not get up by myself… there was God holding me. 

To me I find so much wonder in life, there are heartaches and joys. And I truly believe that when we are suffering, God is suffering with us.

I no more will deny the existence of God anymore than the folks who question God being real will accept that God exists.

I heard something a few weeks back that kinda stuck in my mind. It was about why people do or do not go to church. When people say they do not like something about church… too much praying… too much music… maybe the preacher does not dress the way you think they should…maybe a person walks out of church and says “I did not get anything from that service”… when this happens we have lost focus on the reason for going to church. We are not going to church to be the audience…God is the audience. We go to church to come together with other people to worship God. That was a wow moment for me, because I sometimes sing in church and it is tough to get up there and hope that I chose a song that everyone .. all ages and generations can connect to.. a song that everyone will like… but I found this statement about God being the audience telling me I was losing focus on why I was there. I am there to worship God with others, and it is God I am singing for. God gave me an ability to sing..I am not a star, never claimed to be one, but I can contribute a song to the worship service every few months.

People turn their backs on God, they do not pray, they do not show their belief… and than they blame God for not being there for them. I read folks comments on line as they  state that God must not be a loving God because of people suffering from hunger, from natural disasters. But I truly believe that we are not puppets, we are free willed people, this free will opens doors for us to each make decisions that are good or bad. Sometimes our decisions spill over into others lives. And when that happens-   I think that God is feeling our pain too. There are choices that people have made that have caused us to be in situations we are in. People die horrible deaths… and when they do.. I believe God is there to pick them up and hold them. For us who are left living, who have to endure the pain of losing a person…I believe that God is also there to hold us if we do not turn our backs on him .

I wish you peace… Love Mrs justa.. alias Cindy. (Images from Googleimages)