Okay who wants to tell President Obama that he was suppose to use this office after he came to get the scoop from President Bush.

They are sitting in these chairs that look like they really do not belong in this office to me. So there they sit, the President who thought he could handle it and it just became too much for him… and the dreaming President to be- who never understood he is supposed to work out of this office.

I am thinking the chair probably is still in the same place it was when President Bush packed his bags and said goodbye.

O’blablah seems to feel banned from this office. Like he is suppose to preserve. it.

My gosh, he is flying all over the world every day ! How is that saving the taxpayers money? All the Secret Service Agents, the fuel for his travel and everyone else’s. Man I wonder where he will meet with the next president to be? I thought it was like passing of the baton when president Bush met with President Obama. but he musta scared the bageebers outta the new to be president cuz he is running from that office going everywhere else but the oval office.

Now this photo is of a President at the desk of the oval office ( disregard the intern under the desk please.. ) but he is behind the desk.

It does appear they have changed chairs since this Presidential term.. which is probably a good thing.

I am just amazed, it is like there is no ending to the spending.. no quiet time for the President to just sit in his office and reflect on the last day, the last year.

I have come down to the realization that there is some mania now in the White House. New Directions… new ideas every day. Before we can even understand one thing another thing is being mentioned.

I am at a loss… wishing  for a strong political candidate with intelligence and charisma, with real caring about the people and a President who is frugal.

I think many of us are trying to figure out how to become less in debt- while our current government seems to think nothing of spending billions of dollars we do not have.

See President Obama- this is where you can work from. It has a huge surface to look at many papers, to sign papers, to reflect.

You can do it… I know you can…

just open the door and walk over behind that desk…

now pull that chair out and take a seat. THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

save the jet fuel, save the teleprompters…

and than when you do speak… maybe people will listen-

right now.. to me… when I hear your voice EVERY DANG DAY- the words become just BLAH BLAH>>>

Good luck… Mrs justa.. alias Cindy