Today is officially day one of vacation. Lets see if I can make anyone wish they were me… NOT!!!

So Sunday morning I woke up with an incredibly sore throat, felt like it was closing… so this morning I went to the docs.. the strep culture was neg, but she still thinks it is strep- so I am now on an antibiotic.  All I can say is God Bless freeze pops !

And this afternoon we got to take Imus and Indi to the vets. This is a treat in itself. Imus is in a cage and cries the entire trip up there and Indi- well he hyperventilates because he truly believes I belong in the back seat and he in the front with his “daddy”.

Imus needed a booster shot- Indi needed blood work , a booster and more seizure meds. So Indi went in first, he gets himself pretty anxious by the time the vet gets in , then he brings it to a new height, as the vet dares to examine him. Than the blood test- he freaks, they have to hold him like he is in a papoose than he let out a whining CRY that makes everyone feel sorry for him. He got his booster and poof out to the car- the cat was pretty quick- and now we are home.

See what did I tell ya, are you all longing to be me right now!  Now wait tomorrow is really fun… tomorrow I get to have my retinas looked at. Now this is a truly great time. I get to sit in a high backed reclining chair, the doc puts dilating drops in my eyes, tips me back and uses a claw like thing to position my eyeball where he wants it. The claw thing pushes on the bone around the eye and really hurts… but I will endure. Hopefully I do not cough in the docs face. Weds- teeth cleaning— now that is special. Have someone with a love for mouths and long hooks scrape the sides of my teeth. Thurs back to the same eye office, but this time to see a different doc to check pressure in my eyes.

Friday is open right now- if this med kicks in and I survive the next 3 days of medical abuse- well I just might have to party.

I hope you had a good day… my best to all.. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy