Yeah until recently a photo like this might make a ticket to Florida via a real fast plane be tempting. Hot sand between my toes, warm ocean breeze on my face, sun burn fighting lotion smelling sweet, and a tall iced tea in my hand, sweating and dripping on my bare leg.

Ahh. yep until this past few weeks, I would maybe be tempted to take the flight.

But there seems to be a monkey wrench thrown in the dream,

a deterrent ruining the image of boarding that plane.

What is that you say? What could make me like the snow more then boarding the big jet, splurging for first class……………………………………..


THIS ……………………………………………………..

I do not like going for chest x rays at my doctors office and I am not real thrilled with some security person at the airport looking at me naked with their full body scanners.

I personally am really glad I do not have that job too. How totally embarrassing for both the traveler and the inspector.

I am a very self conscious person, I can not imagine being placed in a situation where someone makes me go through a full body scanner.

So does this mean the slugs in the middle east have won in a way.. Maybe.

We have become a scared group of people, and it is pathetic that the only way we can be sure someone is not carrying a concealed weapon is do strip them of their clothes in a full body scanner.

In the medical field, we need people to remove their clothes for certain types of examinations, but we never have them remove more than they need to remove.

This is different… ya wanna get on their plan, than you get a virtual strip down.

And yes, if that creep from Amsterdam had been stripped of his clothes via the scanner, they would have seen the explosive in his underwear ( again how stupid can one be ?) .. me I am not thinking for any price would I share my underwear with anything explosive(…  ! ) … and I know this is to protect us from the creeps who do not like us… but in doing so, it has made me less likely to buy a plane ticket. ( I know supposedly this is just if you are traveling to or from a certain country… ) but I do not like the thought they have the power to see me disclothed.  So, 100_4723_edited

give me a shovel and a couple layers of clothes, and I will sweat like I am on the hot beach as I play in the snow.

Happy traveling for all of you who go flying through the friendly skies… me… for now.. I am staying grounded.

Love to all.., Mrs justa.