100_4615 Well in my heart it is official now. Christmas season has started. We usually have the tree up after Black Friday. Well it is not quite a week so I guess it is still within my tradition. I love Christmas Season. Not for receiving gifts, but for giving . Not for the sales but for the recognition of Christ’s Birth. Not the commercials, but the carols.

I love going around looking at peoples decorations. I like snow on Christmas Day, but not tons of it. And a nice Christmas breakfast, followed by gift exchanging and a slow smooth cup of coffee.

These weeks before Christmas, I like to sit in the living room at night, with just the tree lights on and watch them, with the tinsel twinkling next to the colored lights. We have shopping to do, gifts to wrap, gifts to make, plans for the holiday. It is a wonderful time of the year.

Then poof, on the 27th, I pack up all the stuff, nestle the ornaments and angel safely in a plastic bin or 2, and secure it with tape. Bring it out to the shed to wait for another year.

Life is good, life is peaceful. Life here is sometimes too quiet. Mark and I do not really make a lot of noise. We talk to one another, and excitement comes into the house when company arrives, and when they leave, well once again it is solitude. I do not miss the hustle and bustle of busier chaotic times, I am glad I had them, I am glad I lived them, but it is like this is another phase to life. A time to meditate, to reminisce, to cherish those we love, to do our day to day stuff and go through life. The CD player just stopped, it was Kenny G CDs of holiday music and Vince Gills CD of holiday tunes. Now it is time to go get a warm beverage, and cuddle under a fleece blanket that my brother and his wife made for Mark , and let the rest of the day slowly unwind. Peace to each of you, Peace on Earth, Love Always, Mrs Justa……