The world of technology is a tangled web. The more we put on the Internet,on our cell phones, paying with debit or credit cards, electronic information, … the more we expose our lives to the world. A world of creeps, a world of perverts, a world of dishonest people, a world of evil.

Many of us are good people, honest people, trying to do a good days worth of work and trying to make it through life safely.

Yet in less then a millisecond, your life can change. And God forbid if you were using technology in a way you did not want to get caught doing. With this technology evilness, I am often challenged by if I want to continue to post, am I letting out too many feelings, who or what would attack me for things I say. How could something tongue and cheek, or something out of frustration be taken wrong.

I am brought  to this thought as the Tiger Woods scandal hits every nook and cranny of the world. The greatest golfer ever, ( or so it seems) has made some BAD mistakes and now is being raked over the coals for it. And as each minute passes, the technology of today is becoming his enemy.

Digital photos can be smeared over the Internet in a second, his poor family, that is who I feel for. Not for him, …..and his mistresses, well they could get a nice chunk of change in a book or a movie of them telling all. What have they got to lose? Their reputation has been placed on the same tarnished platter as Tigers.

But his wife… if she is innocent and crushed by this chain of events, she has a lot to go through. They have two children, she is probably thinking about the supposed  flings and where was she, or what  behaviors did she notice that she just could not identify at that time. And while these thoughts are swirling though her head, she has no room for herself. There are cameras everywhere, she is a prisoner in a world that must seem pretty tiny to her right now.

What tangled webs we weave. Even the most perfect web will break apart. And when one is tangling the webs100_3502 in the public life of stardom, an idol for many, well that has got to be almost insurmountable. How can they help but feel trapped, suffocating for room , for air. This will all change images of Tiger for a long time. He was the  perfect child image, grown to be a golfer, making and breaking amazing records… and in the  chain of events… exposed… and now his foolish actions are surfacing. We need to back off, leave him and his family to face the devil that is living in their lives right now. They have choices, and it is not for the media or anyone else to say what they should do. This is their taste of Satan, and their need to fight him or let him take over one if not more of their lives. I once went to a church that was a good church, until Satan came into it. It happened slowly, but before I knew it there were jealousies, unforgiving people, a pastor who was available certain hours of the day, and when things got rough instead of helping a person the solution was to tell the person to not come back to church, and to tell the parishioners to leave the people who have been banned from the church alone.Satan is cruel, pretending to be your friend, but a cancer in your soul.

We have to watch temptation, be careful when we start to judge others,  pay close attention to your knowings and your feelings… My mom used to always tell me  if my knowings and my feelings are not meeting… don’t do it ( what ever IT was) because there is a tug of war going on God trying to tell me it is not okay  and Satan telling me to follow my feelings.  Be careful out there, watch what you put on line, be true to yourself and those you love.

Love Mrs Justa.