A pondering moment… ( one of many. ) Okay so I was at a place with two toilet stalls, one regular and one handicap. Well the regular one was in use, so I thought I would pop in quickly to the handicap one.

If a person is not handicap before they get into this stall, they may be when they leave. The toilet paper dispenser was enclosed, and VERY low to the ground. The only way to get toilet tissue out is from the part facing the floor. The only way to get to that part is to bend way down and try to manipulate your arm crooked and backwards. Then the damn cheap toilet paper doesn’t roll down easily, NOOOOO, because it feels like sand paper, the end sticks to the roll and keeps spinning around. Crap, ( no pun intended) to get the toilet paper out easier, you would   have to lie on the floor!

Once you get the dang thing to let go so you can feel a part of the paper roll, then you have to be careful, because the paper is so fricken cheap it rips and then you have to start all over again. Heck it looked like tissue paper for putting in a gift bag, but it literally had little slivers in it of what appeared to be wood.  And if you are lucky enough to get a continual strand, well be careful because the entire lower opening edges , all sides, are sharp teethed for cutting the paper strand. 

Here I am, non handicap trying to imagine how the heck I would be doing this if I was wheelchair or walker dependant. It was hard enough not to lose my balance and smash to the floor. The railing was looking more like something I might have to hook a foot onto to save me from totally crashing on the tile,should I start to sway too far forward.  And what the heck good is the railing in the back ?

Whoever is responsible for this design should try using it !.

So when I finally got out of the stall I am now focusing on the other challenges for the handicap person. The faucet was not convenient, the paper towels were jammed so tight in the dispenser ya needed a hook for them and the lower soap container was back behind the sink.

We need to live the life of those folks who are challenged physically and make their life easier, not harder. So I am pondering…. who in the world came up with this very unacceptable situation. I am off… to ponder more… Love Mrs Justa

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