I look at this barn and I think about our lives. Isn’t that just like me to do that ???

How are our lives really when we look at them totally? I believe that often when people hear about others lives from afar some may think how marvelous it must be to live a certain lifestyle. It is easy to  visualize the lifestyle of never having to worry about if you have enough money for anything, you know you do, so if you want something you just buy it.  And the houses in our minds are mansions, with super shiny hard woods floors, patios, pools, game rooms and media rooms, many cars to choose from. We end up visualizing material things, and a lifestyle with no worries. But if you were to get real close to that life… would there be holes in the images? Would there be things lacking that you never imagined could be? Kinda like when someone says they have a barn on their property, I think for many of us, instead of this dilapidated barn we would envision one like this.

I have come to realize that the world seems to idolize the things money can buy more  then the people in the world. We see a good life as being one where everything is as perfect as this barn.

But life is not like that. We need to focus on the people, on what we can do for others, on how we can help,others out.

I do not think I have ever had a perfect life but I have not been ashamed of any part of my life either. I am more like the first barn. There are boards missing, but a strong foundation. I have a silo full of dreams and memories. I have floors that creak but stand firm.

I believe that I have lived a life of what you see is what you get. I do not pretend to be anything I am not, and I do not impose on other people. I try to be fair but there are times I have imperfections, such as my less then perfect barn picture.

100_4405 How about you? Do you pretend to have the perfect life, every line straight, every window painted white, and all the boards neatly next to one another? Or do you realize what imperfections you have? Are you ashamed to show folks your inadequacies? Are you willing to find ways to get better? Do you have some “missing boards?” Are you giving the impression of a perfect life? And if you are, who are you really fooling?

Do you have a strong foundation in your life? One that can hold up your sometimes rickety self? How about a strong roof over you? One that will keep you in check. Keep you from going way materialistic, way phony, one to keep you focused on a purpose in life, and will keep you grounded?

If you do, you can always fix the missing boards in your life, you can fill in the cracks. For just as this barn stay strong and steady no matter what the weather,  you can stay strong and steady on your journey through life. Have a good day, a good night…

Love always, Mrs justa….