I am using this photos to share the joy that we have at Grandchild number 3 getting ready to bless us in this crazy world we live in 🙂 Yep we are going to have 3 grandchildren in less then 6 months from now. It is very exciting.

Life always gives us the unexpected and sometimes it takes us for journeys we had never envisioned ourselves going on. Life can be fun, life can be challenging.

I look at this photo and I see the fireplace that my mom had been so proud of having put in. She had he one living room wall ripped apart and it was on Thanksgiving that it had been under construction. With Tony the contractor assuring her everything would be done.

But I see my own dream …. come true…. our own special daughter-in-law, who happens to be pregnant and is such a blessing to us. I think every parent of a son wants their child to marry someone that would be like a daughter and would treat you like a parent. From the in law jokes that I heard growing up and stereo typing that goes around, I wondered if I would be an in-law joke too. But I think I am not one of the typical “In Laws”… at least I hope I am not LOL  Amanda  is a really good person, and a great mom, she loves Jeff and seems proud of him, and she is nice to me and Mark to boot. Hey who could ask for anything more.

I see Brandon Jeff and Amanda’s precious little boy , and Marks and My grandson. Grandpa holding him and loving him and Brandon taking in all that is around him, knowing he is in safe caring arms.

I see Mark, a man who has put up with me for 24 years, through different phases in my life, he really lets me do whatever I want and he loves me.

Ya know…. I remember when Jeff was little and I wanted to make sure before I moved on to my reward that he would find someone , have a family of his own and a loving wife , who would have a family that loved him as much as I do. I felt bad when ever Jeff would ask me why he never had a brother….

Well he does, Amanda’s brother and Jeff are like true brothers. They have known each other for 17 years now and being Jeff was always wanting a brother, a best friend becoming a brother-in-law is a dream come true. … well it seems like his life has come to be better then I had envisioned it to be. A son and wife he cherishes, a family of his own so he is not ever going to be alone, a job he loves, a good head on his shoulders, and Me and Mark who love him too.

This is Thanksgiving weekend… and I continue to be thankful for all we have. Love always, Mrs Justa.