My bro and his wife changed things around this year and they had the table across the living room and the couch moved into the dining room area. This was nice , as it gave more people ability to get in and out from the table without too much hassle.

They have a coal stove in their opening for their fireplace and that made it really warm in there, but I think it went pretty well. Heck we could sweat off the calories we were consuming while we were consuming them .

It was nice to gather around the table and share one another’s company. It was nice to share the meal with family and friends. We change each year, as we age it seems there is change in even the adults. It is kinda neat to see that, as one always expects a year to change a child, but adults are often thought to never change to be in a mold.  I found that not the case.

Watching every interact and seeing twinkles or lack of twinkles in peoples eyes, it was telling to me about who has a lot weighing heavy on their minds and who does not.

I found myself feeling sorry for my sister in law, as she was using her camera on her lap top computer to share the living room  with her mom, dad and relatives across the country in Washington. Her oldest son and my brothers youngest daughter were in Washington State with her parents. They all talked and twisted the computers around to share each others environments.

I often say I do not want to move away from here, because of the family I have here, and I tend to forget she has left many she loves on the West coast. Life is strange, we have pulling at heart strings, joys and sadness, yet we all seem to find a few hours to gather together and be thankful. I am going to do a turkey dinner here tomorrow. But for today, I am off to run a few errands, balance the check book and work on a few projects.

My love to all,,,, Mrs Justa.