Do you remember ever seeing this print in school when you were younger, or maybe in a history book.

Well here is a little history for you who may have forgotten. Originally Thanksgiving was a day that President George Washington had set as a day for public Thanksgiving and prayer. The initial Thanksgiving was set for October 3 1789 .

It was not until October 3 1963 that President Abe Lincoln made a proclamation to change Thanksgiving to November 26, 1863 and from then on it would now be the last Thursday in November. This was then passed by an Act of Congress.

Thanksgiving was a way that the people celebrated the fall harvest, and there were years when there was no Thanksgiving prior to President Lincoln proclaiming it a national holiday.

I look at Thanksgiving now and I wonder how many people look at it as just another day off of work, out of school. That instead of stopping and really being thankful for the year that has past and for what ever you have, that instead people are calculating what time they have to go to bed to hit the stores the next morning on the now proclaimed “Black Friday”.

Each year we gather together for a Thanksgiving feast. 100_2447_edited What ever family is around and usually 2 special friends arrive at one of our homes for the meal, laughter and stories. Oh some of the stories are the same each year, others change. As we grow older, we may not even realize what we are repeating, yet the younger ones I am sure are thinking ( like I did when I was younger) “ How many times do I have to hear this story?”

I remember long ago, when I was a kid, Thanksgiving was at our house always. Mom would get up way before any of us , and start clanging dishes and pans (  I kindly named this as the “Dish Symphony” ) She would do this as she scurried around her very crowded kitchen . She had aprons that she wore, and they had streaks of flour on them before the day was midway through.

She had a black roaster, and she would put the turkey in around 4 AM and simmer cook it. She would boil the neck and gizzards.. a tradition I did not continue… ( those suckers meet the glad trash bag REAL quick. ) And her voice would get a little louder as the minutes ticked on, she would get a little stressed. By the time dinner was ready we were all stressed because she was. Before the meal she would have us all hold hands as one of us would say a prayer of Thanksgiving. ( I hated being the one elected to say it, I always felt mine was so Lame) But the food was good, and I never saw where she hid those gizzards- she musta pulverized those suckers big time. She made an apple pie and a  pumpkin pie… and she did this no matter how financially strapped we were. I remember the clanging afterwards of silverware and dishes and water running, being splashed from here to there as we cleaned up the incredible mess. We had stacks of  dirty dishes and we were hoping the towers they created stayed put. ( She was not a clean as you go preparation type person ) ( Photo from google images)

Mom… I miss you today……and I miss those Thanksgiving day preparations.. Yes even the dish symphony. Happy Memories to all, and have fun creating memories for the younger people in your life. Love, Mrs Justa…..