The ultimate National Health Care Nightmare. I was thinking on the way home about all the ways the government could step into our lives and control us.

Rush was on the radio and talking about how National Health Care would be able to cancel us because of something we put on line, on a blog, or Facebook.

This got my imagination going as I was sitting in Wegmans waiting for my prescription for my sinus infection. It was a 45 minute wait, so it gave me much time to people watch.

I was envisioning scales at the prescription counter and all the cash registers. Depending on your height and weight , would depend on what you were allowed to buy.

There were MANY very heavy people with carts full of junk food, sugar sodas, candy. A very very large person getting a gallon size bag of medications. All to make it possible for maintaining the bad habits of life. Now imaging if you go up to the pharmacy, step on the scale and they determine how many months you will be able to get these meds before you are expected to be the “ideal body weight”  Then you go up to the register, you step on the cart, and the computer on the register figures your BMI ( Body Mass Index) and if it is too high…. well it refuses to scan items that would be not healthy for you.

Now lets go further, limited sized clothing, slowly being less available for "Super size" – so the government will no longer let anyone manufacture clothes that are greater then Ideal body weight size. Then my sinus filled mind swirled further to drive in restaurants weighing your car and you in it, then determining what menu you can order from.And you would be marked, so you could not go to another restaurant with paint that wears out in 24 hrs.

Each scale you stand on is like the one on Biggest Loser- and lights up your weight for all to see, to gasp at, or to applaud.

Maybe once it is started there will be a neon light programmed in your forehead which lights up your weight all the time, everyone approaching each of us sees our weights and we see theirs…. and changes each time you go to buy anything.

Health insurance, well they will determine your premium based on your health status. My mind was going through all these scenarios. Phew, my antibiotic was done, and I got in my car and played

music on the radio to take me away from the scale government program.  This is all non fiction.. FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!! So tighten your belt, and cut your portions. Ya never know what is coming from the government next. ( And maybe I should buy stock in scales!) Love to all, Mrs Justa….