Monday is right around the corner and sometimes Mondays can really be crazy.  It sometimes seems like Mondays are relatives  to the Full Moon. Last Monday I could not find my car keys, that NEVER happens to me, 99.9% of the time I have my keys in my purse. My car does not have an ignition switch for a key, so I never have to take them out of my purse. But if they are not in my purse or on my person, when I push the button on the door to my car, it will not unlock, and if the doors were unlocked to begin with, then when I push the button to start the car the dash flashes “NO KEY”


As I am standing outside, running too close for comfort to get to work on time, I felt myself want to panic. Where could they be??

The Monday before, I am driving into work on route 690 and traffic is going 2-5 mph tops for 6 miles. For no reason !. No accident, just everyone hitting the brakes because someone else did, and for 6 miles we are all wondering what the heck is going on. AHHH…

I have times when I drop stuff, or if I have to run into a quick store the cashier has the need to share her whole life’s story to the person in front of me. Or that one pair of pants I want to wear I can’t find on the hangers, or the alarm clock does not go off. The list goes on and on.

I am not really looking forward to tomorrow. For some reason it feels like we did not really have a full weekend. It was filled with different events, we did get to see our niece who is in the Navy, and just flew back home from Washington State to pick up her car and drive back to Washington, so she can have her car… we went out to breakfast with our friends Saturday morning, and all the house chores were done, another niece stayed with us Saturday afternoon,night ( and we watched a really good movie “Gifted Hands”) and her dad picked her up this morning early… I went to church, ironed and finished laundry this afternoon, went to Wally world a couple of times and got groceries at Save A lot… and then this evening we went to Jeff and Amanda’s house, got to spend some time with them, take some photos, we had pizza and wings and shared talk and laughs with them, Brandon, “Sarge” and his two young adult kids. As I write it down, it sounds like we did a lot this weekend.. but I feel like it flew by without us. SO I am glad it is a 3 day work week. The three days will be VERY busy.. but then 5 days off!!!

I hope everyone who reads this had a good weekend, stay safe, Love to all, Mrs Justa …. alias Cindy