My daily theme now is “one day closer to Spring”

It makes the dreary days of cold weather, darkness coming sooner at night, and snow and ice a little more palatable and it reminds me of the flowers in early Spring……


Snow is pretty, but I like it on weekends and always

in a Currier and Ives painting .


My mom had  Currier and Ives book that I remember looking at many times in my youth. It represented a Happy World to me. Old times, when horses were the means of travel and there was smoke swirling from the chimneys, I could almost smell the wood burning in the fireplaces and envision hot chocolate simmering with melted marshmallows on the top, and people gathered around pianos singing carols. Moms in long dresses.

A time when family meant something different. A family needed to be there for each other. They worked together. If it was cold. there was firewood you would have to cut down yourself and haul and split for winter heat. If there was a need for food, you hunted the meat, fished for seafood, and harvested your crop.

Traveling in winter meant an open sleigh and a warm blanket on your lap.And bartering was in place of money often.

I think people were tougher then. But were they tougher because life needed them to be?

A time when men were slaying bears and deer and women were hand making clothes. Children respected their parents or got a whipping if they did not. The kids had chores and they needed to participate in the day to day existence. It seemed what life was supposed to be like. And for us it is saved in these paintings.

As I looked at all these paintings , I tried to imagine being in them. I would examine each painting and see lots of things. Like in this last one, did you notice the person with his head against the tree? I would try to make stories in my mind for each painting.

To live in that time, I do not know if I would be tough enough to have lived then. I like going to the grocery store and the 24 hr Walmart for the things we need. I like having a car with heat, and having city water. However, I admire these folks who lived back then and I thank the artists for capturing their life. May you have a peaceful weekend. And thanks to google images I was able to bring some of these paintings to you. Ahh, I smell the dinner simmering in the crock pot and I hear the furnace getting ready to click on… yeah I am thinking I was meant to live in the late 1900s and early 2000s :)  Love always, Mrs Justa…