It is Thursday night. It is funny because I do everything so I can get ready to watch this TV screen and get involved in programs with a bunch of people pretending to be something they are not, on sets that pretend to be somewhere they aren’t. But I love Thursday nights.

This TV is a 27 or 28 inch set, and in real life the picture looks really nice. But to a teen or 20 year old, I bet it is like what I used to refer to as a “grannies TV”. Once it goes we will probably go with a flat screen, but right now this is a really nice picture and it fits in the entertainment center, and we watch it maybe 8 hrs a week .

I think Jeff and Mark got it for my birthday back in maybe 1995. Jeff and I went to pick it up and we had to take it out of the box , while we were in Walmart parking lot, so we could slide the TV in the back seat of our Acclaim. And let me tell ya, this sucker is HEAVY!

I find it fascinating that there is a way for a signal to come through a cable and end up with all kinds of entertainment on the TV screen. The wonders of technology. Just like the computer and this blog. Here I am, a nobody to many, sitting here writing thoughts, feelings, and with the click of a button, folks could read what I wrote around the world!

Do you not find that amazing??

And how about the telephone, really, think about it. You have a wireless phone, with some funky buttons, you press them and in an instant you are clearly speaking with someone from miles and miles away.

I am totally freaked out when I look around and think somewhere along the way, someone had to invent everything we use. The chair I am sitting on, the bottle for the water I am drinking, the clothes I am wearing, the material to make the clothes. And what did people do before there was material? Did they all wear fig leaves? And if they did, there are many folks who would need a lot of fig leaves.

The pen, the ink, the floor, the carpet, the wall, A toilet, and outhouse. Underware, shoes. Electricity, gas lines, furnaces, stoves, ..every single thing you touch… someone had a dream…

I am really glad that God gave each of these millions of people the inspiration to follow a dream. The ingenuity to follow ideas, and the creativity and vision to see it from the beginning to the end.

And I thank God that I was not around before anything was invented !. I am not tough enough for that life. Are you?

Love to all, the Pondering and Thankful Mrs Justa.