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This looks so comfortable, so cozy, so peaceful. I have this dang sore throat, sinuses that feel like there is cement in them,  and feel like cuddling under a warm blanket and taking a snooze would be pretty nice right now.

My teeth are hurting, so that is telling me it is probably a sinus infection. I may try to get to doctors tomorrow if it does not lighten up.

I really hate feeling crappy. And work issues are really keeping me busy. I do not believe that I am contagious, I think this is just an internal issue, inflaming my sinuses. I am really glad I do not have the symptoms of the Swine Flu !. Man the folks at work who have had it, and people I know out of work have had their ever luvin butts kicked!

I have been in a training class at work for management development, And this is like a college course. We meet one full day a month for 6 sessions. December is without sessions, so it is going till March 2010. The information and projects are really involved and the ideas are great, but I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that is needed for this class. Life goes on, people issues do not stop, changes happen every day in the world of health care and the anxiety of the plans for reforming health care are disconcerting. Why… because people are moving in directions that sometimes make no sense. There are quite a few talking heads that do just that, flap their jaws and unfortunately some of them have the power to create changes that can bring us down.

All this stuff gets stuck in my brain as I try to weed out the good from the bad and try to listen carefully to changes that are necessary and how we can implement them with the same amount of people. I love what I do, and I guess I just need to always dissect things so I understand them better. Once I understand , then I find the challenge of creating processes rewarding once it is done. Someday the processes will probably be done automatically through computer hardware data entry and tweaking the programming… but right now…we are shown where we need to get, and find out how we can make it work.

So I am taking my heavy head, and going to do the schedule for the next month, and then suck down a little nightquil, turn on my mattress pad and snuggle my head in the pillow, and per Mark snore ( I snore when I have plugged sinuses I guess) .  Good night to all… Love, Mrs justa alias Cindy