“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where your are going, because you might get there.”
Yogi Berra

I find this a very interesting thought. If you do not plan, if you just are drifting through life, what opportunities are you missing?

And how many have you missed?

I wonder how often opportunity knocked on my door and I took it for the wind?

Or how many people die with a bunch of intentions, never planned for , so never materialized?

I have aspirations, they tickle my thoughts and leave as quickly as they came in. Things I think I want to do, but never sat down and planned them, so they are visions, mist in the mind of intent.

My mom used to always tell me the Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions. I found this photo on google images, and it is titled the “Road To Hell”

Wow, I have a few brick headed in that direction. I need to stop and start planning, putting an action to the ideas of mist.

I have so much I want to do. So many things to accomplish, and yet, I let my lack of control to plan to do them lay down the bricks to the eternal fire.

Things like write a book, make special memories, do a grand mother journal for the grandchildren, compliment people more often, lose all the weight I want to, take more photos, spend quality time with those I care for.

Life it is precious, it is quick, the older I get the faster the days go by, the quicker the wisps of projects come into vision, only to float away.

There is much to do, people to see, treasures to make, other things to sell.

Like a slow moving treadmill, the belt is filled with my good intentions, flopping around and around, and life comes so quickly, I feel at times like my head is hanging out the car window and pylons are whacking me in the face. These pylons are all the things that happen every day.

I am off to start to plan, to make priorities, and set goals…. and before you know it , this smooth pavement on the road to Hell will be torn apart. Wish me luck,, Love to all, mrs justa,,, Cindy

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