We got this love seat a few weeks ago. It is nice, reclines on both sides, has a cup holder in the middle with a storage area. Our couch was long, and only 2 people ever sat on it anyhow. The lady across the street actually graciously took our couch, she really needed one. So it was a win win.

But last evening I realized the win win was not for me and Mark! I knew the cat liked to sleep on the couch and suspected Indi also liked the new couch, so I bought a fleece blanket, split it in half and sewed the edges together to protect the seat part of the couch. I am really glad I did now!100_3078

This brings me to my thought today… after a day of dealing with a person who can be a real pain in the butt, ( sorry but that is how she can be) —I am envious of the dog and cat. They live in the lap of luxury, an occasional  “ quit bugging me” but in general they are left to their life of Riley existence.

The biggest pain in the butt Indi has  is we won’t play ball 24/7, and Imus maybe that we make him move so we can sit on our love seat. Oh to have their problems….


brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 141 What to play, what to cuddle up on, what window to look out of. That kinda sounds nice!

Well I am off to study for my class tomorrow. A full day of learning… it can be grueling.

Love to all, stay warm tonight- guess it is going in the 20s tonight… Shiver me timbers!

Mrs justa//// Cindy

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