Did you every feel like the world and stuff in your life is so huge that you are just a dot in the whole scheme of things?

Did you ever feel that there seems to be insurmountable odds and it looks easier to give in then give it a try? Like this duck in this photo. The massive amount of water, the large waves carrying him to where ever they chose to go, and yet he swims, against currents, against odds and close to challenges. Life can be like this rock to this duck, tempting a terrible fate, yet creating a chance to stand up to it. 

What rocks are in your life? What rocks are at your work?

I have rocks in my life, I have challenges that I do not feel comfortable facing, and some at work I might prefer to avoid.

People, tasks. fears, projects, things that have no guarantees, and a lifetime of moments I can recall where I took a challenge only to feel it was incorrect. And other challenges I took, and am really glad I did.

It is easier to be the ship in the harbor, then the one that dares to sail the seas.100_4032 So I wonder, what challenges are you not taking, what rock it looking at you and instead of taking the chance of conquering the rock- does the fear of smashing into it keep you safe in the harbor. This wave represents the times I took the challenge. 



But this pond, this bridge, this raft remind me of times I let the challenge stop me. This pond may be life’s regrets. The what ifs of my life.

The whys did I do the stuff I did. I went to a class and took the test for Air Traffic controller- I got good grades in it, where would I be had I taken that job? The training was in Colorado. But I jumped, I took the class, and then when the opportunity was there… when I was looking at that rock.. I swam over the waves the other way.

I see my niece in the Navy, and at what a great step this was for her… what if I had faced that challenge when the armed forces were encouraging us to enlist? Would I have still become a nurse ( it was my life long dream to be a nurse… ) or would I have become something different?  

What rocks are in your life that you run away from?

What oceans have you left for the comfort of the ponds of life? May you face your fears, go for the challenges, and make rewarding times in your life.

Love to all, Mrs Justa…. Cindy