On a day like today, looking at photos like these makes the world seem okay. This is little Mackenzie, taken about a month ago, so I am sure she looks a lot different now. But this is a little person, faced with many stressors that most of us have not had to face, being born 10 weeks early , less then 3 pounds, and she fought to be. Look at this miracle, look at this precious little child who was held in Gods arms and brought through some tough, potentially dangerous days.


And another sample of a photo of a precious child that erases  all the turmoil or problems is this one of Brandon.

He has a smile that makes all the stuff disappear. Another miracle, hand held by God through 6 weeks of prematurity. Both of these kids could have had so many complications, yet they came through without much difficulty. There were times for Brandon when he had terrible problems with his digestive system, but as time gets further away from those times, well they lessen in the severity of them.

Today is winding down, and my head is spinning from so much that happened today. So many employees with stressful times, and trying to make things work when it feels like you  can not get a breath. I am blessed with terrific employees, and understanding boss, and the ability to laugh when the going gets tough.

I am blessed to not have had snow to drive in tonight, that probably would have pushed me over the edge! I am blessed with a husband who understands me, grandchildren I just love to pieces, children that I admire, and their families I treasure. I am blessed with a large family of my own who I think the world of. So when I add this all together, I am ready to tackle another day like today. Love to all, count your blessings, Mrs Justa…Cindy

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