Life is a circle, life is always turning, We can go to the same place yet it is different.

Same people, different roles.Same leaves, but change appearance.

This photo reminds me of the changing that time makes. Green leaves turned older and curled up and crisp. Cat tails in the middle reminding us that seasons are changing.

This was brought to the surface today when Jeff came over with Brandon. Amanda is home ill with the viral yuck that is going around, she is feeling pretty crappy. Mark and I had bought a thermostat for our furnace and we thought we might be able to install it- heck it said “Easy Installation” but that does not necessarily mean easy for me and Mark. So we had asked Jeff if he could at some time help us put it in, and he said sure, and today was the day. So we planned dinner for the 3 of them, and unfortunately Amanda was not feeling well enough to come over.

So Jeff came over with Brandon, and about 1/2 hr into their visit he sees me pull some chocolate chip cookies from the oven. He said “ This is like when we used to go to grandmas house.”  I thought for a quick second and said- “And you are at grandmas house”  We both looked at each other and realized, that a transition has taken place – it happened quickly, in just a year- because before Brandon was born- Jeff was coming to Mom and Marks house— but now it is Brandon’s grandma and grandpa’s house. And those chocolate cookies will be in Brandon’s mind as something special when he goes to grandmas house.

26 years from now Amanda and Jeff may have the same transformation that we realized today. It was weird. Jeff was remembering grandma- while I was being grandma. Seasons change , life goes on….. we become different as the seasons change.

Love to all, Mrs Justa — Cindy